Atal TinkeringLab, an initiative of the NITI Aayog, Govt. of India,  was set up  in Police DAV Public  School under the stewardship of the school Principal Dr. Rashmi Vij. It was inaugurated by Sh. Kuldeep Singh, IPS, ADGP/PAP on 26 October 2017. The school was one of the 257 schools selected across India for the establishment of such labs.  It promotes experimentation, innovation and development ideas that will go a long way in building a scientific temperament in young minds and developing a culture of exploration and enquiry among students.

ATL, PDAV is equipped with all modern facilities and provides conducive environment where young minds can learn innovation to sculpt ideas through hands-on/ do-it-yourself activities under the mentorship of Dr. Raman Bedi, Associate Professor & Head, Mech. Dept., NIT, Jalandhar, Dr. Rahul Hans, Associate Professor, DAV University, Jalandhar and Dr. Nischay Bahl, Associate Professor and head, PG Dept. of Computer Science, DAV College, Jalandhar. There is a provision of latest technologies and tools – electronics, sensors, open source micro-controller boards,  3D printers, etc.  in this laboratory to create technological  innovations for applications in multiple sectors including medical, energy, health, conservation of energy & natural resources, etc. Various opportunities are available for the young students to work and learn in a flexible environment leading to their participation in multiple regional and national level science competitions and exhibitions at periodic intervals. The lab has been envisaged to be the hub for innovation, invention, creating, tinkering and giving shape to ideas, solving local and global issues using technology. The lab is inspiring the young students of our school and other community schools, to step out of their comfort zone and work on novel concepts, embrace futuristic skills as well as develop confidence and chisel their personalities.