CLUBS : Defining Passion

The school provides a rich gamut of 32 clubs to cover almost all the areas for the students of classes VI to X and separate clubs for classes XI and XII. The clubs provide a platform to the students to explore the deep labyrinths of their capacities and capabilities and to identify their individuality and uniqueness. Through participation in various activities, the students hone varied leadership skills as organizational, interpersonal communication and get practical training in life skills. In addition, the students display brilliance of their pioneering ideas, nurture love and sensitivity towards their neighborhood and environment.

The rich gamut includes: Literary Club, Maths Club, Heritage club, Quiz Club, Eco. Club, Connecting Classrooms, Honey Bee Club, Dramatics Club, Health and Wellness Club, Reader’s Club, Economics Forum, Speaking Matters Club,  Cloud SAT Club, Traffic Awareness Club, Social Welfare Club and the like.



Options for std. 6 to 8 Club Code Options for Std. 9 to 10 Club Code
  Literary club 01 Literary club 01
Maths club 02 Maths club 02
Quiz club 03 Quiz club 03
Eco club 04 Eco club 04
Dramatics club 06 Honey bee club 05
Health and wellness club 07 Dramatics club 06
Reader’s club 08 Health and Wellness club 07
Global Awareness club 10 Reader’s club 08
Reporter’s club 11 Commerce Forum 09
Connecting Classroom club 13 Global Awareness club 10
Traffic club 14 Reporter’s club 11
Social Welfare club 15 Cloud SAT club 12
Heritage club 17 Connecting Classroom club 13
Integrity club 18 Traffic club 14
Sanitation club 19 Social Welfare club 15
Art club 20 Public Speaking club 16
Symphony club (Instrumental Music) 21 Heritage club 17
Music club 22 Integrity club 18
Sanitation club 19
Art club 20
Symphony club (Instrumental Music) 21
Dance club 23
Legal Awareness club 24
Calligraphy club 25