Disaster Management


‘Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy’

The occurrence of the disasters is sudden and unexpected. In such a scenario one is usually caught unawares. The only option left is preparedness to tackle the same. It becomes imperative to be well equipped with a plan to deal with a disaster so as to minimize the aftermath of the same. A safe and secure environment is a pre requisite for effective teaching and learning. Police DAV Public School leaves no stone unturned to ensure the safety of children and staff members in case a disaster befalls. For this purpose, equipments like fire extinguishers and evacuation plans have been installed at strategic points in the building. Evacuation Drills and awareness sessions are regularly held to acquaint the students with the swift measures to be undertaken in times of emergency. The details of the measures undertaken are as follows-

  • 4 mock drills and fire evacuation plans involving students and teachers are conducted every year to create awareness among the students about disaster management, fire fighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situations.
  • There are 97 fire extinguishers with AMC installed in the school premises. An evacuation plan has been displayed at the corners of each floor.
  • Keeping in mind the safety of students and staff a workshop on   “How to operate fire –fighting equipment” was organized for the teachers. Some first aid tips and demonstrations were also given in the workshop. The session was informative and proved to be an imperative lesson on life saving skills.
  • A counseling and awareness session was held by the faculty member of Geography- Mr. Raj kumar on Disaster Management during an NSS Camp.
  • ‘Fire Service Week’ was observed in Police DAV Public School, Jalandhar. On this occasion, officers from the Fire Services Department addressed the students and Jaswant Singh Kahlon ADFO, gave valuable information about the steps to be taken in case of a Fire breakout and what number to dial in order to call the Fire brigade. A live demonstration was also given about the procedure to follow to put out the fire by the Fire Fighting team.
  • Somraj (State awardee) conducted a special session on First Aid. He enlightened the students with his experience discussing various skills of first aid and briefed them about how and when to give first aid.
  • A session on ‘Disaster Management’ was conducted by Dr. Harvinder Singh, Associate Professor, who guided the students about the preventive measures to be taken while dealing with natural disasters.
  • NDRF organized a workshop cum training session on disaster management.
  • Our students visited Indian Oil Corporation, Suchi Pind, Jalandhar for a fire drill. The training and live demonstration was given by the experts of Indian Oil Corporation.