Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

Our vision

We envision to be a premium nationally recognized institution, providing affordable and inclusive quality education to both the wards of police personnel and the civilians. All students step out of the school as happy healthy, humane lifelong learners committed to their duties and responsibilities.


Our Mission

The school provides an enabling learning environment and opportunities for each and every student to attain highest standard, aligning their interests, abilities and need within a common curricular framework for them to be competent responsible citizens. The schools should attract the best talent- students, teachers and facilitators- from all parts of India and the world.

Our mission is to

  • Make premium education, affordable for all, subsidized for the wards of Police Personnel and nominal for wards of marginalized section of Punjab Police
  • Value and nurture diverse dimensions for each child- intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic, physical and spiritual.
  • Value and equally promote all disciplines – Science,s Art, Humanities in an  interdisciplinary curriculum, with an equal emphasis on sports, yoga, music, dance, theatre and visual arts.
  • Apply dynamic learning-to-learner centered pedagogy  interlaced with latest technology that meets the demands of society.
  • Instill, intellectual independence through inquiry, discrimination and innovation, with emphasis on reading, communication and experiential, art- integrated and collaborative learning.
  • Provide a challenging and conducive environment for research, innovation and creativity.
  • Inculcate values of gratitude, honesty, respect, integrity, compassion, justice and patriotism by engaging students in collaborative community and national service projects.
  • Cultivate respect for ethics and norms to groom responsible citizenship.