Principal’s Message

The Principal- The Pathfinder

‘A vision is not just a picture of what could be;

 it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.’ 

Police DAV  stands upward and upright today, having walked past proudly  the coveted milestone of 25 years.As its founder Principal, I feel elated and look forward zealously to many more such milestones waiting to be fathomed. At present, the school is under the chairmanship of Sh. M.F. Farooqui IPS,ADGP/SAP Police-cum- Chairman School LMC, who embodies the qualities of head and heart and provides us the strong anchorage. We are indeed fortunate to have the blessings of one of the greatest visionaries of India Padma Shri awardee Sh. Punam Suri, President, DAV CMC, the true patriarch in letter and spirit; another pillar of support Dr. Nisha Peshin, Director(PS-II)DAV CMC, has always mentored us and providing the educational knowhow,  and administrative direction. Guidance in day today affairs is provided by Mrs. SweenPuri,the  Manager of the school.

I bow in reverence toSh. M.S. Bhullar,IPS,DGP(Retd.) the founding father whose profound vision and peerless adroitness as a leader led the school to its stupendous stature. It is   gratifying that we have routed all challenges and impediments ,set new benchmarks and transformed his vision into the magnificent edifice , the temple oflearning called POLICE DAV, JALANDHAR.

‘We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.’

Police D.A.V. is the quintessence of quality education. It is an epitome of innovation, creativity andnovelty. The adept teachers of Police DAV are the charming gardeners, earnest and committed to the cause of tending children in such a way that brings forth vibrant, responsible and proficient progeny. The school is a canopy under which the children grow as per the latest education trends and yet keep grounded and rooted to their values and ethics.Ours is a’ learning school’ for we at Police DAV firmly believe that one who is truly educated is the one who has learnt how to incessantly learn and grow.The teachers leave no stone unturned to upgrade their knowledge and skills and keep pace with the latest trends in pedagogy. This in turn creates a generation that is ready to acquire the latest skills and face the challenges of the present competitive world confidently and prudently.

Victories and glories actually have become reference points on the timeline of Police DAV. The challenges and obstacles helped us to sharpen our edges and inspired us to think anew, innovate and set new standards. Evolving and updating ourselves with new knowledge and skills we have built an effective progressive pedagogy. The school has a unique culture, rooted in democratic principles breathing in DAV ethos and values and rare discipline of Punjab Police, which has actually made the school a hub of   innovation and creativity.  The ripple effect is distinctively visible in neighbourhood schools and needs no credence. Our belief is -still there are so many to serve and so much to achieve!

We always counton the Almighty God who provides us and fortifies us to tread through dark and unknown with complete conviction and eventually emerge victorious. May we  forever endeavor to utilize our talent, skills, time and resources for His glory!

A word of gratitude to the dear parents for rendering  us their unflinching succour and trust.  You indeed remain an indispensable and inseparable part of all our endeavours.Education is said to be the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.But it is also vital that when educating our children’s brains we do not neglect to educate their hearts. Let us walk hand in hand  tosensitise and train children so that they’ll make this world a paradise on earth.

‘Let us teach our children that they live in a world of magnificent abundance, that there is enough for everyone, and that it is in sharing the most, not in gathering the most, that the most is achieved’