Why Connect?

  1. Enhance Relationships: Gain the opportunity to join the web of former school graduates, build new connections and renew former friendships.
  2. Alumni Events: Receive regular updates, and invitations to functions, game events, special activities and programs.
  3. Get a platform for receiving recognition for noteworthy achievements, through distinguished Alumni Awards.
  4. Expand Network:The platform provides you an opportunity to strengthen your personal social network, and thus find great tools for building or promoting your career. You will be connecting and meeting with alumni who are now settled in various professions and it will provide an opportunity to get clarifications regarding your career, knowledge about competition in the job market, even join lucrative jobs and finding ways to maximize your earning potential.
  5. Volunteer Opportunities: Participate in the life of school by assisting students. Remember how you felt when you started school–nervous, shy and a little apprehensive. Now that you feel confident & mature, why not mentor and help those who are still struggling to succeed and win recognition.
  6. Show Pride: Supporting your school shows your pride in your schooling. Alumni Association helps in keeping this pride alive.
  7. Be the partner:  In transforming your school for the next generation.


To watch the video of Alumni PDAV , click the link below:

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