Contribution to School12

Live Life; Give Life

There is a Chinese saying that goes; “if you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a life time, help somebody.”

In India, although giving is very much part of culture but giving for development and growth of education is not as popular as giving for temple constructions and langars etc. Even our ancient Vedas call ‘Vidya Daan’ as the highest and the noblest daan. And no other area can be termed better than education because education transforms a person’s way of thinking & behaving and brings a change not only in the persona of that individual but in the whole family and eventually elevates society as a whole. Moreover, when we reach a successful professional status in society, it becomes our moral obligation to make an effort to help others or bring an improvement in their lives. We become the extension, rather arms of God in helping and serving other fellow human beings.

School is the place which lays the foundation of life and hence, deserves gratitude equivalent to parents. It is not merely how much we give, but also how much love we put into giving. May be, all of us don’t have the same amount of money, but we can certainly help in many other ways and squeeze out few hours to help others like by sharing our knowledge, skills and experience.

The key is to find the approach that suits us. When we involve ourselves with such projects, we also begin to realize the real meaning and purpose of life and find happiness in true sense.

You have spent so many years and experienced the needs of a student while studying in classroom, drawing a painting, playing in the ground, preparing for a skit or preparing for the board exams. The complete picture is in front of you. The contribution can be in any area.


    1. Infrastructure:May be there were many things that were a pleasant dream while studying in classes; what you could not have, but can make it possible for others.Articles like smart boards, water coolers, hot cases in classrooms, tables, chairs etc can be funded or contributed. It will make learning a better and pleasant experience for other students.
    2. General Donation: It can be in the form of – to name a few like text books, books for preparing for competitive examinations, school uniform, sports equipment, carpets, medicines, sponsorship of airfare for participation in intra & inter school activities and competitions etc.
    3. Adopting a child: Nothing can match the difference you can make in the life of a child by sponsoring their fee. The approximate annual tuition fee without the bus fee amounts to Rs. 52,000. The fee can be paid bi-monthly or a lump sum can be deposited. You can even collaborate with others and jointly open the doors of education for someone.

Not a single person but the whole family will be the beneficiary.